Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 is an independently developed Western Front modification for Tripwire Interactive's acclaimed first-person shooter, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.

Darkest Hour focuses on the Allied invasion from the Normandy campaign in 1944, through the failed Operation Market Garden in Holland and beyond the Battle of the Bulge. It covers not only the intense infantry battles the campaign is so well known for, but also includes the epic large scale tank battles that took place in the later stages of the war.

The current version is available for download free of charge on Steam here.

Your opinions and suggestions are important to us, so please post them on our forums!


With the November 9th patch for Red Orchestra, many players suddenly found that they could no longer find their favorite DH servers in the server browser.  While Tripwire Interactive has been notified of this issue, it could be quite some time before a universal solution is released.


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In the meantime, we are recommending that everyone verify both Red Orchestra's and Darkest Hour's game cache until you can see the server lists. This action seems to solve the problem for most people. See you on the battlefield!

For more information, visit our FORUMS.


Well folks, the time has come at last. The actual release of this update has taken a bit longer than all of us anticipated, but we hope that you will find it worth the wait. The final update for Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 is NOW available for download on Steam.

This is a rather bittersweet moment for us. With the release of this update, official team development on Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 has come to an end. While official development on the mod has ceased, we are confident that the game's legacy will endure thanks to YOU, the community.

Why would a development team work on a free mod for so long? Yes, Darkest Hour has been around for a long time - 5 years to be precise. First and foremost, we do it for the love of the game and the dedicated community that has followed us throughout the years. Without your continued support there would be no Darkest Hour, plain and simple. We've wanted to challenge ourselves and push the tools in our hands to the limit. We've wanted to perfect techniques and concepts for future efforts and Darkest Hour has been a fine vehicle for that. We are passionate about the history - the men and the machines that fought in the largest conflict humankind has ever known. And last, but certainly not least, we still have fun every single day!


The full change log, as well as discussions about this release can be found on our forums here.


When one door closes, another opens...This post also serves as the first official public announcement of our team's transition to the Jackboot Games, LLC banner. You might notice some BIG changes to the place over the coming weeks. We hope that you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us as we embark on our next journey. Development is already underway on our new project - a standalone release built using Epic Games' UDK featuring the British/Commonwealth sector of operations in Normandy from the D-Day landings until the closing of the Falaise Pocket. Our pledge to you is to stay engaged and remain true to the type of gaming experience you have come to want and expect from us.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Jackboot Games, LLC

Community Born. Community Driven. 


After long wait, the latest and final update of Darkest Hour is finally released on Steam!


We, the development team are incredibly proud of this release.  We want to thank our community, all the folks at Tripwire Interactive, all of our testers who have stuck with us these many months, and all folks who have had any part in developing Darkest Hour, large or small, in the last 6 years.  We did it, guys!

The full change log, as well as discussions about this release can be found on our forums here.

If you are a server administrator and are having issues with mortars or mobile deploy vehicles not working on your server, please read this thread.

MEDIA RELEASE #12: MAY 2011   

The time is nearing, and so it is time to announce the final addition to our official map roster: the battle scarred valley of Kommerscheidt.


As a special treat to our community, we bring to you an interview conducted by one of the 29th Infantry Division's own, Kit Turner, where we discuss Darkest Hour's past, present and future.


This media release can be discussed on our forums here.


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