A few weeks ago, we told you about the parachutes that are soon to come. We are pleased to announce that that is not all that is on its way. Since that announcement, our developers have been hard at work smoothing out every last kink we can for this release to ensure that the new version of Darkest Hour will provide a seamless new dose of possibility for all of our players.

What we didn't mention before is that we are throwing in a couple bonuses. Darkest Hour will now include German Fallschirmjäger players thanks to the newly completed texturing by Aeneas2020. This will now provide a more realistic look for the German Army on many maps.



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We are proud to release the complete redesign of our web site, providing a far more professional look that is appropriate for the level we have reached with this mod and its community. In addition to its catchy layout, our web site now provides the functionality we have long awaited. You will be able to read all the Darkest Hour news at and find just as many images and videos as you once went to our ModDB page for!

We have a sleek-looking gallery that is very easy to add to. This of course makes it more convenient for developers to add even the smallest of updates for us players to drool over. We also have a convenient file downloads page where you'll be able to find the latest Darkest Hour upgrades very easily.

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With the success of our 1.1 release, our development team has been working eagerly to bring you yet another addition - the long awaited parachute system! After many delays we are finally releasing this system in the August patch. If you recall from our Feature Trailer, the chute system allows players to spawn inside airplanes and simply jump out the door at any point in its flight. As the player exits the plane, the chute will automatically deploy and slow the fall, providing some steering ability and realistically slight control over your landing point.

Chateau Bellenau     Chateau Bellenau

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We are proud to announce the release of Darkest Hour Beta Version 1.1, which addresses a swathe of bugs reported after version 1.0 was released, includes several new maps and features and provides many changes to existing weapons and systems.

This upgrade will not only improve the game that our dedicated fans have been playing, but bring back the players who were disappointed with these bugs in our initial release, and we look forward to the expanded community this patch will provide.

Upgrade now at our Downloads page!

St. Fromond

This map features a revolutionary new approach to battles. It consists of 2 seperated zones, with fighting occurring simultaneously in both, and the outcome of the skirmish in one zone has a drastic impact on the battle raging in the other.

The Allies must Secure the town of St Fromond and the vital bridge accross the Vire River, but constant artillery is falling onto the bridge area making it almost impossible for the bridge to be captured and repaired.

St. FromondSt. FromondSt. Fromond

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World War II gamers, get ready for another step forward from Darkest Hour: Normandy 1944. We have a significant patch being released in a week that will not only fix a few gameplay issues but add new content.

First of all, we our proud to reveal our latest British vehicle the Cromwell Tank. This will be added along with several new pieces of content in the upcoming patch. The Cromwell modelled by Tman24 and textured by Aeneas2020 will form an important part of the British Armoured contingent.

Cruiser Tank Mk. VIII Cromwell mk. IV  Cruiser Tank Mk. VIII Cromwell mk. IV
Many of you have been asking where our new bug fix patch is. We originally scheduled it for this week, but unfortunately its release has been delayed. This is due to many reasons including some missing staff members and because we want to make sure everything is perfect before we get it to you. So we are currently working on a 7 day delay - it will be released next week.

But to keep your mouth watering, here's a few more pieces it will contain:

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