Welcome to the second of our weekly pre-release updates! The first piece of news, as can be evidenced by the heading, is that we've slightly changed our name to reflect the change of focus of the mod since its conception. The original vision was for an in depth Normandy mod with the full extent of the fighting occurring in 1944, from the beach landings to the town-to-town fighting along the length of the Normandy coast. As you've probably noticed by now though, in recent months we've expanded from battles set purely in Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region. And now for the first time we begin our foray into the Netherlands and the infamous "Operation Market Garden". Due to this "broadening of our horizons", our old subtitle of "Normandy 1944" is no longer appropriate, so after much discussion (and many incredibly cheesy potential names) we've decided to rename to the more straightforward Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45. We will soon be updating our site accordingly and all media releases from this point on will display the new name.

Development is progressing steadily on the mod and feedback from our recent testing sessions has been positive. As we draw closer to release, we will continue making adjustments and tweaks based on feedback from our testers, as well as putting the finishing touches to a few more features and adding a general layer of polish that easily surpasses any of our previous releases.

Now, as promised, more content, features and changes! Please be aware that this is in addition to the list posted last week and therefore does not include any of those items in this list (to avoid double ups and potential confusion). As with last week, this is still not yet the full extent of our release content.


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Dear all,

Over the last 4 months, we have been working hard towards bringing you the next version of our mod. During that time there have been many changes to the game, including a number of file reshuffles and some major "under-the-hood" changes. This has fixed a few long running issues and is making further development much faster and easier, however the process took a lot of time and as a result of this, we're running behind schedule. Due to the sheer weight of extra code and many new features that are now nearing completion, we have been forced to reschedule the release of Darkest Hour – putting it back by a month or so. We will announce a definite date about 1 week in advance of the actual release.

We and our testing team are working methodically to integrate these new features as seamlessly as possible, while also continuing to iron out many long standing bugs. A sample is listed below.

In order to keep you more up-to-date on the state of the mod and due to our state of near-completion on this version, we will be providing weekly updates until release, each post revealing more of the features and changes that we've been working on.

We apologise for the delay, however we hope that these frequent updates will somewhat sate your appetite until the game is ready.



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Darklight Games is pleased to announce that the official release of the Darkest Hour mod of Red Orchestra will be January 31st 2009. The method of release will be announced at a later date. There will be updates every 3 months after the initial release.

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We´re proud to release our first wallpaperset, which contains the background images from our Beta 2.0 ingame menus. They´ve been requested several times now, so we decided to release them in a complete set.

The package contains the images in 1280x1024 and 1024x768 resolution.

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Click Here to Download Beta 2.0

Patient gamers, the time has come! After several unexpected delays, our developers have worked through all the bugs, glitches and changes you suggested to produce a new version that is loaded with so much new content that we're not even going to bother with a "patch" download. Darkest Hour Beta 2.0 has new weapons, new tanks, new characters, parachutes, new voices, new tank skins, weapon modifications, new maps, tons of bug fixes, several realistic gameplay alterations, a new anti-tank loading system....the list goes on, as you can see below.

Beta 2.0 New Content  Beta 2.0 New Content
New vehicles include the British Cromwell, the Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer and the Sherman 76mm Tank. In addition to our parachute-based maps, we're releasing several other such as Poteau Ambush, based on the ambush of an Allied Convoy.

Read more: Beta 2.0 Released!


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